Mission Statement & District Beliefs

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop students into responsible, self-respecting,
productive adult community members. We believe all students are capable of learning and all staff can contribute to this end.
District Beliefs

We believe the following:

  • Students have a right and a responsibility to learn.
  • Parents have a right and a responsibility to be actively involved with their child’s education.
  • Education must always be student-focused.
  • Students deserve the highest quality education.
  • Students share the responsibility for the transmission of cultures.
  • Schools must adapt to a changing world.
  • Education must function in an ethical environment.
  • Students are distinct individuals with common as well as unique needs.
  • Schools must bean advocate for students in the community.
  • Education must be a total community effort.
  • Learning is a lifelong process, extending past high school.
  • A nurturing school environment enhances the growth and development of the whole child.
  • Schools must be inclusive and representative of the entire community.
  • Education must prepare students to function successfully in an increasingly complex world.
  • All students can learn and we can teach them.
  • District resources will be allocated to support and increase student achievement.