On April 18, 2017, Gary Ogden was honored for 40 years as Athletic Director!

                                    Athletic Director is Gary Ogden

H.S. Boy's Baseball - Coached by Randy Welch

Jr High Boy's Baseball - Coached by 

Jr High Boy's Basketball - Coached by Thomas McMullin

Jr High Girl's Basketball - Coached by Jenny Jarr

H.S. Track - Coached by Randy Welch 

Jr High Track - Coached by Randy Welch

Cross Country Track - Coached by Chris Welch

H.S. Volleyball - Coached by Abby Swarts & Assistant Jenny Jarr

Jr. High Volleyball - Coached by 

H.S. Boy's Basketball - Coached by Randy Welch          

H.S. Girl's Basketball - Coached by Jason Ogden & Assistant Abby Swarts

Softball - Coached by Jason Ogden & Assistant Jenny Jarr

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