M-U Vision


Moulton-Udell School District has identified a vision for what we want and our goal is to improve our skills to help us attain our vision. Our vision is…

  1. Students will be given work that challenges their thinking and requires their best effort.

  2. Students will show an adequate proficiency in the basic skills of language arts, math computation, science, and social studies.

  3. Students will be able to see a relationship between what they study in the classroom and real-life situations and application of knowledge.

  4. Students will have opportunities to use higher order thinking and problem-solving skills to reinforce subject matter application and retention.

  5. Students will learn to use appropriate technology that will enable them to engage in the world of work, future educational pursuits, and in their personal lives.

  6. Students will have the necessary skills that allow them to be successful as lifelong learners, either in the world of work or in higher educational institutions.

  7. Students will recognize and appreciate the cultural diversity and differences of others, and understand the implications of their learning to compete in a global work place and economy.